How do I request a quote?
Please feel free to call our office at (925) 583-4684, or fill out a contact form and we will arrange a time to come onsite to meet with you and measure your project. All consultations are free.

What services are included in your quote?
It depends on your project! All of our quotes will include the labor costs associated with your specific project. We break down each line item on our proposals so you know exactly what goes into the cost of your project.

Besides labor, the two most common cost items are material and the tear-out of any existing slab or tile. If you already have your material, or you have demolition covered, please let us know and we will exclude these items from our proposal.

If you still need to purchase material, we would be happy to provide recommendations. You can choose to either purchase your material directly from the material distributor or have JNL handle this for you. We know having only one point of contact can make the process easier for our customers, so please know the cost of purchasing your material with us will be the same, if not lower, than purchasing directly from the material distributor. You can choose both the material vendor and the specific material when purchasing through JNL.

What is the process of working with JNL?
When working with JNL, first we will meet with you to discuss your project, understand your vision, and then take measurements to provide a detailed proposal for your review.

Once you decide you would like to move forward, our team will come onsite to create a template - an exact replica the size and shape of your countertops. The templates will be arranged on your slab, ensuring we are maximizing the beauty of the stone. We encourage our customers to come to our shop to see how we have arranged the templates. If there is a particular detail or vein you love, we can ensure it is highlighted in your project. If you are unable to visit our shop, we are also happy to send you pictures of the templates before we begin cutting and fabrication.

The installation of your stone and tile will be scheduled approximately two weeks after the template is finalized, in order to complete fabrication.

If we are also providing demolition, we will start the tear-out the same day as the installation. We strive to minimize the amount of time your house will be "under construction." We will walk you through the timeline for each step so you feel comfortable knowing we are providing the highest quality service within a reasonable and efficient timeframe.

For more detailed information on the process of working with JNL, please contact us today.

Do you have any pictures or testimonials of previous jobs I can review?
Yes, please visit our gallery for pictures of previous residential, commercial, and restoration jobs, and our testimonials page for testimonials from past clients. We also have additional photographs on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Do you provide slab and/or tile backsplash?
Yes, we provide both slab and tile backsplash!

If you choose a slab backsplash, we cut the stone so the veins and designs align, giving a seamless and beautiful transition from countertop to backsplash.

If you are looking for a slab countertop and tile backsplash, JNL can provide both services. However, if you already have a tile contractor, we can certainly do your slab countertop and let your other vendor complete the tile backsplash.

I need both tile and slab work. Can you do both? What if I already have a tile provider?
Yes, we provide both stone and tile services! We understand how many moving pieces and points of contact can be involved in construction projects, so we know the value to many customers of having one contractor provide both services.

We also have projects where we only provide the stone or tile service, and another company is contracted for the other elements. We love the opportunity to work with other companies in the Bay Area. Our goal is to provide the highest quality craftsmanship and ensure we exceed your expectations.

What other companies do you typically work with?
JNL Marble & Granite is fortunate to work with many wonderful vendors across the Bay Area. We can provide recommendations for licensed material distributers, plumbers, electricians, painters, and cabinet providers that meet the needs of your specific project.

At JNL we source our slabs and tiles from several excellent material distributers in the Bay Area. We frequently work with All Natural Stone, Arizona Tile, Integrated Resources Group (IRG), and Siena Tile & Stone to find the perfect material for our customer's projects.

What type of materials do you work with?
With over twenty years of experience we have worked with most natural stone, manufactured/engineered stone, and tile available. Below are a list of some of the most common materials we work with:

Granite - Marble - Quartz - Quartzite - Cambria - Ceasarstone - Dekton - Delaterra Quartz - Eurostone - Hanstone - Ice Stone - Neolith - Pental - Sequel Quartz - Silestone - Vaterra - Vitrazo - and many more!

What are the different edges that are available for my slab?
As JNL provides custom slab fabrication we can provide any type of edge you are looking for!

The edge detail does impact the labor for your project, so please feel free to ask about the different edge offerings, what type of edge we might recommend for your design, and how your edge detail selection impacts the cost. In addition to slab fabrication, we also provide tile edge detail.

Click here to see edge detail examples, with the most modern slab edge being the Mitered edge. In addition to the Mitered edge, the Full Bullnose and Ogee are very common edge details.

Do you offer restoration services?
Yes we do!

If your stone has been damaged, consider restoration services to restore your stone investment to its original beauty. Whether your stone has been stained, scratched, or cracked, at JNL we provide restoration services to repair, resurface, and reseal your stone and refurbish your grout.

JNL also provides stone care maintenance solutions. With normal wear and tear, we recommend resealing granite once every two years and marble once a year to maintain the quality and integrity of your stone. We also provide an option for a fifteen year sealer.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our stone care and restoration services.

How often does my granite need to be sealed?
When providing fabrication and installation services, we will seal your stone with a high quality sealer when we install. How often you need to re-seal will depend on the type of material you select. With normal wear and tear, we recommend resealing granite once every two years and marble once a year to maintain the quality and integrity of your stone. We also provide options for a fifteen year sealer. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our stone care and maintenance services.

I am concerned about seams.
At JNL we work diligently to avoid seams whenever possible, and minimize the number of seams when necessary. In these cases, we arrange the templates and choose the perfect slabs of your material in order to create a flawless design that renders the seam invisible.

We encourage our customers to come by our shop in Livermore to see where any seams will be and how we have arranged the templates on your slab.

I've heard of prefabricated granite. What is the difference between prefabricated slabs and slabs that you custom fabricate? Do you work with both?
We do work with both! The majority of the time we custom fabricate, however, for some projects such as apartment complexes, it can make financial sense to choose prefabricated stone countertops.

Prefabricated stone countertops have been cut to certain standard dimensions. The standardized, limited range of manufacturing options can greatly reduce costs, although keep in mind in most cases you truly get what you pay for. Many pieces are manufactured in bulk overseas with little oversight and quality control. Shapes and edge detail options are very limited.

Our custom-made countertops are created from a single slab of stone, and there is virtually an endless range of materials, colors, and textures available. You are truly getting a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Because your countertop will be cut from a single piece of stone, there will be continuity in the color and texture throughout. Seams will also be much less noticeable. You can customize your edge detail, and slabs can be cut into any shape or dimension.

I have a tight budget. Can JNL provide remnant material at a low cost for my project?
Some projects result in left over material. In cases where our customers decide not to keep the remnants, JNL will keep the extra material at our shop and it is available for purchase as remnant material. This is a great fit for customers with smaller projects who would like to take advantage of the remnant material at a great price.

If you would like to consider using remnant material, please schedule time to visit our shop to browse our selection. Please note our remnant stock is perfect for smaller projects, such as a bathroom vanity, however, we might not have enough remnant material in the same stone for larger projects. If that is the case and you are concerned about price, we will work with you to help find an affordable stone that will look great!

What service area do you cover?
JNL Marble & Granite primarily services the San Francisco Bay Area. In a typical week we might be working with customers based in Alamo, Los Gatos, Orinda, Palo Alto, Marin, Napa , all over the Bay!

While many of our customers are based in the Bay Area, we also provide services across Northern California, the Central Coast, Carmel/Pebble Beach, the Lake Tahoe/Reno area, and the Hawaiian Islands. We have even provided work outside of the USA! If you have questions or concerns about the location of your project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Call us today at (925) 583-4684 or Email us at info@jnlmarble.com

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